ugly people who thinks others are ugly

@uu4h708 (638)
February 15, 2007 6:23am CST
i just watched a video on youtube.. a video of sarah geronimo singing a whitney houston original... and i cant help but read the comments there.. there was one comment (actually a thread of it) that made my eye squint.. he said "how could you listen to such voice, she's ugly" ... huuwwaat??? does that person even have an ear.. or probably his C is Bflat... i mean cmon!! s.geronimo is a young kid with a promising future not only in singing but in acting as well. and to tell she's ugly?? huuwaaat again...!!! if she is ugly then a person with a flat nose, dark skin is what?? a goblin?? beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but at least say, she's not my type then the fans would understand but say "ugly"... okay fine... =) anyway... just sharing that youtube scene... i mean hey.. if someone insulted your idol.. what would you do..
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5 Mar 07
i agree with you... Sarah is really a professional singe.. she is the best, even though she is still young..but she got already the "kiliti" of the people....
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11 May 07
dont mind them.. theyre just bashers who are so insecure. heh