Learning how to make new friends!

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February 15, 2007 9:15am CST
Learning how to make new friends Tips for making new friends. Enlarge ImageMaking new friends is an art by itself, as most of us do fail miserably in creating a long list of friends. The more friends you make, more will you grow in your social stature and personality. To make new friends, you’ll need to adopt friendly nature, as well as a sweet disposition. There are lots of ways you can make new friends every day and every year. However, you may need to develop certain positive traits to make new friends; being extrovert or outgoing is probably a deciding factor while making new friends. A good circle of friends is a treasure to own, and such a group will help you grow as a person. It takes a tremendous effort to make new friends; plainly speaking, friendship is made out of mutual trust and belief. It does take a while to develop mutual trust and belief, as no one will trust you in the initial stages of friendship. Experts suggest that, to make new friends, you may need to get close, within the acceptable circle of association with your future friend. This is also often called the culture barrier, an emotional barrier which usually prevents people from getting close to each other. Once this barrier is breached, you may start creating a meaningful friendship. There are several ways of making new friends and each person has his/her own methods to make friends. Here is one of the more popular methods that are used to create friendship: To make a new friend, you may have to create a situation where the other person feels at ease and comfortable with your mannerism and attitude. Never allow your future friend to get bored with your talk. Rude manners and boorishness are a strict no-no. Simplest of all known formulas to make a new friend is using an innovative FORM system. FORM system is known to create a good atmosphere to develop friendship or even companionship. FORM simply means Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. Most of us just love our families, relatives and close friends. When you enquire any person about his/her family, you’re making sure that his/her immediate concerns are first addressed, which draws that person towards your circle, a slow step by step. Every one of us loves to tell more about our parents, wives, children and pets. Once you know more about the family status of your would-be friend, the next obvious step is to enquire about occupation that is being followed by your future friend. We also love to brag about our occupation, job and positions. By enquiring about occupation, you’re ensuring that you are coming much closer to other person’s inner circle. The third step is to talk casually about their pet hobbies, pastime, favorite sports and leisure. During this stage you’re probably inching towards a certain friendship with that person. Talk anything about those wonderful hobbies and sports. Exchange views and ideas, which are mutually beneficial to both of you. Probably the most important step is the "Message" step, when you should leave out a message that is easy to remember by the other person. This final message must also bear your address and contact number in form of a visiting card. Message may include something about your name, profession, address and your honest opinion about the person whom you’re trying to make new friends with. Never forget to say thank you at the end of the conversation and always keep your options open, to decide if you want to be friends with the other person. Follow up with that person if you’re keen on making a new friendship. But remember friendships are about give and take, and supporting each other. Never hurt their sentiments and emotions in any manner. Be courteous and gentle, especially if the other person happens to be a woman or a girl.
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15 Feb 07
Well it's good tips. I personally think it's better to do this on your own and find your friends through your own thought. Nothing against this but it's cool making friends in different ways and when you do it on own you can only be proud. Having said that i appreciate this buddy. I hope mylotters find this to be useful and helps 'em to get friends but for myself i'm on my own. Kudos! ~Joey