How to catch a Cheater?

@BlackBay (584)
February 15, 2007 9:56am CST
If you thought your spouse or partner was cheating on you but were not completely sure, how would you go about finding out for sure?
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
18 Feb 07
I think the thing that I would do is turn to hiring a private investigator to follow my other half around just to see if he is indeed cheating. Or I would check his emails, or our phone records.. But to be quite honest.. Before deciding to do this though, as I feel this is a big step to make. I'd first try to examine the evidence before making this decision. I'd ask myself why I feel he is cheating.. Has he been behaving strangely? Does he tend to disappear for hours on end & then when I ask him where he was.. He gives me answers that just don't add up? If he has been lying to me about things or telling me stories that are some-what outrageous. If anyone I know had seen him with someone else. I feel a person should ask themselves these questions before proceeding with doing something that they may end up regretting later on. I honestly don't feel just going ahead & hiring a private investigator would be a smart move to make.. Because if I make false accusations I could end up losing the person whom I may be with. And I would never want to do something to damage the relationship & have it be my fault just because I was paranoid or suspicious for no good reason. Doing things such as this can really harm a relationship.. I would also make sure to ask him firstly before just going ahead & doing this. As I know that the relationship I have with my other half is a very honest, open relationship. I can usually tell if my other half is lying right off the bat as he is a terrible liar. And I read him very well. If he kept denying what I was asking of him then I would probably resort to hiring someone who could follow him. And quite honestly if I became so worried about my other half cheating on me I'd begin to ask myself why am I with this person than? I feel trust is quite honestly a very important factor when it comes to a relationship. And if you don't have trust the relationship is doomed & there would be no point in staying involved in the relationship further more in my opinion. In conclusion.. I feel I would resort to doing these things if I began to feel like after I had asked him if he was cheating on me.. And he denied it & I could tell he was lying.. I would want to catch him in the act.. But I don't believe resorting to doing things such as this is at all healthy.. I believe if you suspect something & you are unable to trust your partner that it's best not to be with them.. Trust is very important to me & you must have that in a relationship so that the relationship will grow or prosper. I would much rather ask my other half up front instead of having to turn to hiring a private investigator.. Or going through his belongings to get my questions answered. I feel if you do this it can help to ruin the relationship.. Especially if your accusations are wrong. I think trying to communicate to your partner should be the first step.. Instead of resorting to ways of doing things that could truly damage the relationship.. Just from being 'not completely sure' about your partner & how faithful he is to you! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
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@angelface23 (2498)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I would call that show Cheaters. They pay for everything as long as your case qualifies for the show. Cause if I thought my husband was cheating I would want to put him on blast on t.v. so the whole world knew what a dog he was. We watch that show all the time and it's pretty funny.
@quatelmon (955)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I would probably hire someone. In the past, though, I've found out through his friends that actually liked me and didn't want to see me get hurt further. It all depends on the situation, however. Checking e-mails and phone logs is one way. Then again, would you really want to be with someone that you didn't trust that much?