Why do we ignore or forget the old one's?

@Profetu (1253)
February 15, 2007 11:58am CST
Old man selling in Sighisoara - An old gypsy that sold items made by him in the city of Sighisoara.
Didn't they gave birth to us?Why our modern society don't allow them to exist arround us anymore?In past they would have represent the "elders" , the advice that you'd go to, the person who has been through life and knows some things better than me, you and all of us?I am starting to appreciate most of them because in a way "they" need us and we need them.Don't lock them up in an retirement (i saw that in some countries that's the "solution" for them: yeah great...like today i'm locking up mom because she's...old and needs attention) and forget them there.They are stil human beings, why do we don't pay enough attention to them?Everywhere you will see discussions about youth problems but what about the old one's?(Ehmm out of curiosity...do you like the picture that i've made?)