Japanese language study

February 15, 2007 1:15pm CST
Have you gone to Japan to study Japanese or take courses at a Japanese university as part of a study abroad program? I'm an American college student with an interest in Japanese language and popular culture and I'm considering studying in Japan this summer. Is anyone else interested in doing something like this in the future, or have any experience with programs in Japan?
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@victor234 (506)
• Brazil
15 Feb 07
I would like to learn japanese language and I have to learn at least the basic because Im going to japan work. Im brazilian and there has a lot of brazilians and I dont need speak very well because a lot of people that works in the factory is brazilian and its easier for me communicate. But the boss there speak japanese only, and I need speak at least Hi, Good morning, How are you? . My father lives there for 12 years and Im going work with him. It will be a nice experience for me, I pretend stay there only 1 year and I want save a lot of money to pay my graduation. I wanted go there since 2001 but I couldnt because I had to study and now I can because I finished my school. The culture is very interesting and the wether there is oposit than here. Here is very hot and there is very cold. I will know snow that I only see in TV hehehe. Its nice.
@shmeedia (1045)
• Canada
4 May 07
strange what you said about the weather. most of japan is not cold. is your dad living and working in the northern part of japan, like maybe sapporo or hokkaido? i have a friend from sapporo who said the weather is so similar to where i live (quebec canada). i don't think our weather is so cold...the summer time is incredibly HOT! winter is mild, but we have some days -40 celsius. i think japan in general, is much warmer climate than quebec. but i'm sure you would enjoy many other opposite things from your country if you go to japan ;) how about your dad, didn't he learn quite a bit of japanese living there for so many years?
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
Yes. I am also a japanese lover and I'm very interested in learning japanese language. I am a filipino, a college student and I'm really into Japan. I haven't been there too but I actually like the language and the culture. I started off searching the net for beginners basic and I actually even borrowed a book in the library of my school. I'm hoping I can find a japanese learning center around here. A friend, who's also into japanese is also looking for one. For the meantime, I just keep on watching dramas and anime and I actually learn from them (thanks for the english subs) but then learning it from a professional teacher is better because english subs can sometimes be inaccurate. Like Gackt-san (you know him? popular jrock/jpop singer?), I'm hitting the books for a while to learn more about japanese language and it may help me if ever I find a japanese learning center somewhere here near our place and get enrolled.^_^ My friend's aunt, who's in Japan says it's quite difficult but since she's in Japan she can cope up easily because she can practice already what she learns. It's also good to set up groups to exercise the skills that we learn in a jap language class once we get into this kind of learning...^_^
@Lxandra79 (1536)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I would love to learn the japanese language, but I do know a lil bit pretty much the basics. Later on Im going to take classes:)
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
i only did some self study since going to university is kinda expensive. for the love of japan and its culture i tried the best and give a lot of effort in learning their language. Somehow reading hiragana and katakana is what i have learned and the basic language. Im happy about it and hoping that i can continue learning and someday will be able to take the course of japanese language. :)
@arthenium (104)
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
i studied Japanese language here in the Philippines before i went top Japan... after staying there for 3 years, i went back to the Phils and am now teaching the language as a profession... i also studied for about 6months in Japan and it was really hard considering all my teachers are Japanese and classmates are Chinese who are far better in writing Kanji than our Japanese teacher... it was hard but quite an adventure though :D
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
i haven't been to japan but i really wanted to to learn the language they've spoken. is it difficult
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
i took japanese language courses here in my university. i am a Filipino and i also want to study in japan. Particularly at Tokyo University. I tried applying for an exhange program last year, but unfortunately, i didn't get accepted. that's so sad. but i am planning to study vocational there or a post graduate course. the Japanese government is offering scholarships. try to visit the website of the japanese embassy in your country. you might get information there about the scholarship requirements.