can chocolate really calm you?

February 15, 2007 3:17pm CST
im not a chocolate fan, but a friend told me that during the times when he feels low or when he is really angry he eats chocolate. it makes him calm. is that true? if eating chocolate can calm people is that the reason why a lot of people are suffuring from diabetes. can chocolate can really help calming?
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• United States
16 Feb 07
I am a chocolate fan myself, but I haven't had it for a very long time, but when I was in my twenties( long time ago!) I had to eat it every day, I guess it is true what they say that it calms you down and makes you happy, and when I was younger I was mad or sad constantly, thank God at my age I don't need it anymore! once in a blue moon I wouldn't mind.
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
a lot of lady friends i have eats chocholate when they are feeling down or angry, and that applies it to you too. thanks for the response. have a nice day
@f3rcho (258)
• Argentina
15 Feb 07
Yes. I read about it in a magazine. It said that chocolate is actually good because it makes your body produce endorfins, which make you either happy or calm. It also claimed that its a myth that chocolate causes acne on some people.
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
i can be calm and full of acne... joke. well thanks for the info.
• India
16 Feb 07
I dont think so , I had chocolates at time of anger but it did not help me to calm down.