Do children value and look after their things as well as they would in the past?

@pilbara (1436)
February 15, 2007 3:53pm CST
I work at a school and there is an incredible amount of property left behind every day from jumpers to lunchboxes, books to phones, calculators and even computers. When I leave in the afternoon it is not unusual to see more items of clothing and even school bags left on the grounds near the pick up points and bus stop. Often when asked about these the students will say "oh my parents will buy me a new one" Last week I found a computer in the grounds and put it in my office. I rang the parents to tell them I had it. They said they were wondering where it had got to and that they would tell their child to come and get it. He showed up 2 days later and was completely unconcerned about having left it outside the building, and many of the students who claim lost property are equally unconcerned about it. When I was younger if I had left my property behind l would have been worried out of my skull. The phrase "my parents would kill me" comes to mind. If I lost something because I was careless with it I would have to replace it myself.
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15 Feb 07
I think it is how the parents teach them and let them get away with. I teach my kids that if they lose or ruin something it is their responsiblity to replace it. My daughter just recently lost her jacket and decided not to tell me about it when I found out she learned what I ment by she will replace it, I took the money from her Disneyland fun that she had to earn herself. She wasn't happy but anytime I ask her where her jacket is now she knows exactly where it is at. But on the other hand my sister in law is the "My mommy will buy me a new one" kind of parent. Her kids in the last year in a half have each had 2-3 hand held game devices because they either lost them or broke them from lack of responsibility.
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@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
15 Feb 07
That's an excellent point. If they get away with losing things or not looking after their belongings then they don't learn how to be responsible.