puppy love

February 15, 2007 4:02pm CST
enn~~~it's so hard to open my mouth and share my situation!!maybe u will consider that to be puppy love(zao lian)!But some kind of feeling sored in the depth ofmy he heart still needs to be released one day!!or i'll be drown in the river of love other than fell into it !! I'm a student.i transferred to a new school in bejing! as time passed.i surpisingly find myself bejing inlove with a handsome boy in my class.he is tall,slim long legd ,golden and exellent both in studies and sports~~I think the reason why i was attrcted by him is partly becaus i return home with him every day ,we seat together on bus,we talk and chat almost everything,we felt alittle bit nercous when we look directly on each other!!can see his sight sneaks when he talks with me!! But before I'm very acquianted with him i've heard of him saying to another girl in my class :hehe,somany girls like me and pursue me ,but only you leave a indelible impression on me! Every time when the image apper to me .I doubt a lot! I always comfort myself!Maybe at that time ,he don't know me well,maybe he love now! I DON'T KNOW!!
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