Valentine's Day

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February 15, 2007 4:33pm CST
I am sick and tired of people whining and complaining about not getting anything for valentine's day or not having someone special to share the day with. It is just a hallmark holiday intended to profit all the venues retailing chocolates, cards, bears,etc... I am sorry but lover's day is every day when you really love someone, why wait until one day of the year to get them a gift. My bf thinks of me all the time and he shows me how much he loves me with little things that mean everything to us and that is enough for me. Love is not intended to be a matter of dollars but a matter of sentiments and that is gratified by the heart not by our greed. SO let me school the ignorant real quick about the origin of Valentine's day... In Rome, during Emperor Claudius's reign, there was a man named Valentine who was the bishop of a congregation. Claudius in efforts to preserve a good military force, based on the belief that men in love where not as useful as those that were not, decided to abolish marriage. He thought that by aboloishing the rite, he would be able to get rid of love altogether. Valentine decided to go ahead and marry young lovers secretly and became known as the "friend of lovers." When Claudius found out about Valentine's defiance he quickly ordered his arrest and imposed the death penalty on him. During his stay in the prison he beacame friends with the daughter of one of the jailers. The day he was to be clubbed, stoned, and beheaded he left her a note saying "from your valentine". The date, as history has it, was February 14, 269 AD. Since then, Valentine's day, has become one of the major hallmark holidays we celebrate around the world. Not surprisingly, when people are asked about the origins they have no idea what I am talking about... HOw do you feel about this holiday?
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16 Feb 07
Well said. Thank you