February 15, 2007 4:39pm CST
What is the best way to do and represent ratios in biology?
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• Malaysia
17 Feb 07
you would need to be specific about what ratios tho. there are many ratios such as the chi square test, genetic ratios and graph representations dry mas and wet mass and so on. the chi square test is also a test for genetic ratios. these deal will alleles and allele frequencies.
@zugedanit (1958)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
You will always be given a space for your answer which includes the name of each factor in the ratio, a space for the number and a colon, so you don't need to worry about how to present them. To work out the numbers, the best way is to divide the bigger number by the smaller one (or divide the other two by the smallest one if there are three parts in the ratio). If the answer is a whole number then your ratio is that number : 1. If it ends in .5 then double both sides of the ratio, if it ends in .33 then multiply both sides by three. Eg; 25 : 5 divide 25/5 answer is 5 ratio is 5:1 (make sure you put the correct one first - 5:25 would give 1:5 as the ratio) 7:49 divide 49/7 answer is 7 ratio is 1:7 20:8 divide 20/8 answer is 2.5 ratio is 2.5:1 so multiply both sides by 2 = 5:2 20:6 divide 10/3 answer is 3.33 ratio os 3.33:1 so multiply by 3 ratio is 10:3