February 15, 2007 4:57pm CST
i was once in a position where one of my best friends liked the same person as me...and she got him...I am totally okay with it now because the are so meant to be...but i remember being infuriated for so long...have you ever been in this situation? what did you do?
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• United States
15 Feb 07
I have .. twice .. and both times I was the one that got the guy. Now, I'll say this, but I'm not proud of it .. I was the kind of girl that would go after a guy just because someone liked him. Trust me, I've out-grown this and I'm happily married now to a guy that no one even knew lol During the times we were "fighting" for these guys I remember not so much wanting to be with him but wanting him to be with me just so he wouldn't be with the other girl. Neither of these girls were actual friends of mine though, just acquaintances.. Jealousy is a bad place to be lol