What's your opinion on using medication for kids with ADHD?

@ky1119 (699)
United States
February 15, 2007 5:01pm CST
Out of three kids, I have two that are diagnosed with ADHD, the youngest diagnosed as Bi-Polar as well. It was a hard decision to decide to use medication in my middle son when he was diagnosed, but in the long run I felt the pros outweighed the cons. By the time my daughter was dx'd, I already knew what I would decide. What are your opinions on using medication?
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• Canada
21 Feb 07
You know your children better then anyone and so you know if the medication would help or not with them but I feel that too many doctors are quick to diagnose ADHD especially in my area for any child that does not fit in some category that they feel the child should fit in and are so quick to tell partents to start medicating their children and as parents we want what is best for our children and worry that they need something because a doctor said they did . My niece was told she had ADHD and her mother didn't know what to do when they wanted to start medicating her but then after discussing it with different people (myself included ) she decided not to medicate her child and now years later she is much more calm . She was only a hyper child as many children can be . I feel there really are children out there with ADHD and really do require the medication and feel that if a parent is a little unsure they should talk to family and friends and even go for a second opinion as no one wants to medicate there child to find out they didn't need to . In your case though where you have more then one child with it , it would be easier to determine if it was the real deal or not . I give you a lot of credit because I have only looked after one child I felt had ADHD and they can certainly be a handful .
@ky1119 (699)
• United States
22 Feb 07
Thanks for your response. Yes, it can be a little difficult to deal with, but you learn as you go. I tried many things before I medicated my son, to no avail. It was a tough decision to make, but in the end it was the best one. I know now that without his medication he would never be able to learn at school the way he does or sit down and read a book. He isn't able to focus and keep himself focused for long without it. I'm hoping he grows out of it soon and won't need the medication. Same for my daughter. There are differences in them though. My daughter has taken a whole new turn now that she's in kindergarten. She's the perfect little angel at school. She loves it. She cried when she had chicken pox over Thanksgiving, not because she didn't feel good,but because she couldn't go to school. She gets mad when there are snow days...lol. I thought kids were supposed to love snow days?!?!? Anyway, I'm going to be talking to her doctor about the best way to get her off the medicine. She's not as well behaved at home, but I think a lot of that has to do with her brother. He's 9 now, and a know it all. I do know that he'll be on the medicine for a long while yet.
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
So, what kind of doctor (I mean, specialist) do we go to if we suspect ADHD or some other similar problem? What category of medical condition does this belong to? Is it behavioral or neurological or something else?
@vivekk20 (185)
• India
25 Feb 07
medications are very helpful for hidren with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. if you will not give them medication or treatment they will loose the time period in which they have develop themselves in various aspects of their life. you must do it.
• India
24 Feb 07
since your one of the son is bipolar ,your other chidren diagnosis should be re-evaluated,they may be having hyperthymic temprament and or minor form of bipolar.giving them adhd medicine without proper evaluation may precipitate full blown manic episode
@tin112703 (228)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
Hi! This is very interesting, considering that I have also been suspecting that my daughter has ADHD. No, I never got a doctor's professional opinion. It is real scary for a mon, to come face to face with a reality like that. Even then, I kept close watch. Well, people said she doesn't have it. On the other hand, I felt I have Adult ADD - the usual symptoms seem to be there: difficulty completing tasks, difficulty to focus... etc. I actually came across a checklist in the internet and I answered Yes to all items/symptoms! Knowing - or at least suspecting it - allows me to be proactive about it. I make a conscious effort to make "to do" lists, tick off things. Adult ADD or not, it is good to have that kind of discipline. I think I am turning things around for myself. I read somewhere this thing runs in the family. Medication? I am not quite familiar with the pros and cons yet, but I did consider it for a while.
15 Feb 07
My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7 and by the age of 9 he was on prescribed doses of Ritilin. I was very upset about it all, but also appreciated that it was for the best for John at the time. When John was 14 he was prescribed Prozac, one of the worst things ever in my opinion, but again it was for his own good. I believe that medication can often be the best way to treat ADHD, even though it might feel wrong to medicate your kids.