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United States
February 15, 2007 5:51pm CST
http://www.slashmy I have earned 62 cents today in the last 2 hours I typed on mylot yesterday for 7 hours and made 87 cents mmm sounds better right?????
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• Australia
15 Feb 07
It may be giving you more money, but have you actually got paid yet? Because with mylot, I have actually received the actual money in my bank account. And sure, yeah mylot is a bit slower, but at least it is for real. But if you say you type 7 hours and only get 87 cents? Thats must be because you were not responding or writing good discussion. Because if you write a good discussion, and you spend the whole 7 hours doing good nice long discussion, Im sure you must have got about couple of dollars already :) Just a suggestion, write a good discussion so that you wont be wasting your time in mylot :) Cheers
• United States
16 Feb 07
Well I just joined today and I have not been paid from either. But I am responding and starting discussions and do really read and answer each one then I do go to the new discussions and reply to them. I have 87 centsw in my account for 7 hours of typing yesterday I opened over 20 new discussions and replied to other discussions.I have been asking for someone with knowledge of how to do this so that I could be working on here without wasting time and energy but so far have not gotten help in that respect. I have gotten negative replies which make me waste more time repling to them.Perhaps my discussions are not good but who is to judge which is or isnt? Like I stated I only started yesterday and do not know the how to here and HAVE NOT FOUND ANYONE WILLING to waste their time to type a simple how to message to me explaining the how to s and share their knowledge with others.