How many times should you go back?

United States
February 15, 2007 6:00pm CST
If you have/had a husband or a significant other, how many times would you go back to him after big disappointments if the following had occurred? These are not necessarily the order they would appear, but each number signifies an occurance where the partner either didnt leave, or if left was begged back and apologized to? 1 He had a long time friend(female) whom you never trusted who is states away, yet they communicate frequently by email or phone 2 He accused you of cheating when you didnt 3 He at one of the splits had a drinking problem, in one of his rants said i dont love you anymore and im ready for this to be over 4 He complains about your parents and gets mad when he is expected to make an appearance only 1 time a year
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• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
21 Feb 07
I don't think there are rules for that. I would only go back if i really loved that person and i had a minimal guarantee that the problem wouldn't happen again. And i'd set strict rules in order for it not to happen again...and that person should accept it if she wanted to be with me. In these moments i think it's the only way that things can be worked out...otherwise i am almost sure that problems would reappear again.