United States
February 15, 2007 9:15pm CST
We are all nervous about all the things happening in our day to day lives. there are some things which we think are impossible to happen? If I like a girl who lives on the other side of the world, I think its impossible for me ever to meet her again.... We all have so much stuff that we think its impossible to do, impossible to achieve??? Why do we get discouraged??? what you think isn;t alll the things we all fighting for possible??? For example, youths in India are fighting for their rights against the government. They are fighting against corruption, they are fighting to remove the corruption. Do you think its possible? There are families in the America to fight against the politcies of President Bush. They want to bring back their kids, their husbands, their brothers, their daughters, their wives or whatever relation they have for all the soldiers working their a$$ out in Iraq? Do you think that's possible? Or how about is it possible to get rid of the terrorists and make this world a better oplace?? What is the possibilities of all this possibilities? Do you think its hard to achieve???
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