Most you've ever looted?

United States
February 15, 2007 10:34pm CST
Awww man, today I was in edgeville, and a guy with Dragon Scimitar and Dragon DDS died. I almost got it! It drove me nuts! I should've tried to use telekinetic grab on it! Man that would've been nice to get that for free! What's the most you've ever looted or almost looted? -Joe
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16 Feb 07
I have looted a dragon chain!! It was when I was in the p2p battle for world 84
@llasall (31)
• Saudi Arabia
16 Feb 07
My friend loged into his friends..user, and as soon as he loged in, he picked up a dragon skimmy. For me...I think the most was...hmmmmmmmm (I'm f2p) hmmm!! I cant remember, probably a...studded (g) chaps (worth 30k or something) I was pking this guy, and this other guy comes in and pjes with his 2hander,and kills him, I was like nooo! non of us took the I waited, and took the chaps :D