Rape case.. Corporal Daniel Smith (United States Ameria) Vs. Nicole (Philippines

February 15, 2007 11:15pm CST
One of the hottest issues here in the Philippines is the rape case of Nicole. The incident happen 4th quarter last year during the military exercises under the visiting forces agreement of the Philippines and United States. Nicole filed complaint against the four U.S Servicemen. She swore statement stating the the four raped here. This happened at the Subic International Free Port Zone while Nicole and friends and the military men were on night out party. (Nicoles boyfriend is also a US Military. Court sentenced Daniel Smith lifetime imprisonment. excluding other three. Smith went on jail at Makati City but the US affairs brought him to US Embassy to stay there till the result of their appeal to Supreme Court. (Because of the visiting forces agreement state so) Thousand of Filipinos came over Malacanang Palace for a rally because they are expecting a death penalty over Smith. Filipinos are protesting the President Gloria Arroyo because of protecting the US Servicemen rather than Nicole. Arroyo was alleged of in favor with the US government and she is afraid that US might withdraw the military aides and support to the Philippine government. Should I think of this as a situation that power and money is thicker than blood?.. (Well it is very well proven that Nicole was raped now there are hundred of cases of rapes here in the Philippines by US Servicemen, US ctizens.. They pay the cases)
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@Katy238 (1028)
• United States
16 Feb 07
Oh wow this looks like it is going to be an interesting case. Please keep us posted about it. thanks
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• Philippines
21 Feb 07
hi.. i just want to ask if you guys in America are aware of it.. was it televised before? well right now.. Smith is still in US Embassy, BTW.. he paid Nicole Php 100,000.00 (1USD= 50php) have a good day ahead
@Katy238 (1028)
• United States
23 May 07
sadly this doesnt surprise me but didnt the news recently say that he was innocent?