Do you have a Gerber life insurance policy for your child/children?

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February 16, 2007 1:30am CST
If so, do you recommend it? What made you decide to get it? Did you shop around at all before you purchased it? I'm torn as to whether or not we need a life insurance policy for our daughter. I know it only costs a few dollars per month but I wonder if that's where we should be putting our money or if it's a waste. What do you think?
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17 Feb 07
Instead of Gerber life insurance we are opening up a Roth IRA. It is for us but once we hit 65 it will almost be worth a million dollars. Hopefully nothing happens before that. At age 55 you can take a certain amount of $ out with no penalty. i would suggest looking into it!
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16 Feb 07
I think it is a waste of money. Put the money into a savings a account. Or buy insurance for YOURSELF. Term life insurance. Whole life insurance is a scam. Whatever you do, don't buy whole life insurance for your child you will be throwing (or giving) money away.