Choose your own adventure? Where did it go?

February 16, 2007 1:36am CST
this is my all time favorite book. it's the only book that gives you your own choice of ending. every ending is a result of a certain decision, picked in a page, that's why it's called choose your own adventure. i wonder why did the book ended its release when it has a unique style of book reading.
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16 Feb 07
Wow. I remember Choose Your Own Adventure books. I first heard of them when there was an offer on the back of a cereal packet to send off for your free book. So, the book came back and although I really loved the concept behind it the actual story was not so great. It was to do with being in a plane or something that went down and you were lost in the frozen wastes of Alaska, or northern Canada, or some place like that, and had to make your way back to civilization. Well, I was like this timid little eight year old girl, and I really did not like turning to this page or that page and getting told things like 'An avalanche has buried you. You wait for help, getting weaker and weaker, but nobody comes. Finally, you fall asleep for the last time.' Or that my foot has turned black from gangrene and dropped off. Or a polar bear has eaten me. In the end I just started cheating and looking ahead to both pages before I made my decision because I was so sick of the bad stuff happening to me! I think now we have computer games to give us that kind of interactive story, there is no need for Choose Your Own Adventure anymore. But I expect it taught future computer game programmers a lot about how to structure a story with many different forks!
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17 Feb 07
that's the fun of it, you have to do right decisions on a tough situation. somehow this book had helped me to develop my decision skills. have you read the one about the nazi's? that's my favorite. the main character is a jewish child & he has to save other jewish children. every page is a thrill. if i have to choose between the book or this interactive game, i'll still choose the book. nothing compares with using your own imagination when reading these books.
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16 Feb 07
I like it but i guess people got tired of it. And that this type of storyline is available as online game now. It's quite nice how it evolved from the book to games. Where you can't go to the next section of the game unless you choose this particular action.
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16 Feb 07's an online game now? where have i've been all this time? i've just read that this was just launche last year. thanks for letting me know. now i can still enjoy this book in a techy way.