have u seen the PC illusion of Jesus ?????

February 16, 2007 2:09am CST
science and human when work together for good,,,, they can now even make us seee god !!!!!!!!!!!!! shocked,,,,,, i m talking about pc illusion,,,,,,,,, the first galze i gave at that illusion and concentrated on it , i never realized i will see jesus after 1 minute. after following those steps wat were told in the illusion ,when i blinked my eyes i can see Jesus....... then came in my mind that the image on which i concentrated was of jesus and the concentration point were made so that the whole picture is seen...... but it was a nice feeling anyways,,,,, hav u ever seen this, if u wanna see Jesus u can reply m e, i will send u .
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• Sri Lanka
27 Feb 07
The illusion is available in another discussin started by 'bhawnam'. You can go to his profile and find the discussion, or search under the key word 'illusions'. The illusion is a negative image, and it will work in the same manner for any other picture.
• Nigeria
20 Feb 07
Honestly i have never seen this before im just hearing this from you.How could this be possible? But beware of this kind of inventions.The Bible states the truth and we must adhere to it.Thanks