February 16, 2007 3:46am CST
I am married for a year and I have not been working for a year and a half. I decided to resign from my previous job because my husband is my supervisor. now I am getting lazier and I have no direction. Shall I go back to the office? or I should just try something that I always want to?like fashion design?
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@bluewings (3857)
16 Feb 07
If I was in your shoes I'd have chosen the second option.With the first one the problem is that you might get demotivated after spending a few months at the office if the job isn't one that interests you.With fashion designing you hardly have that scope if you want to beat the competetion and given that FD comes as a hobby to you I'd say it's a safer bet for the long haul.Who knows, after a few months or years you could help your husband by combining your interest and his office creatively .Goodluck.
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16 Feb 07
if your family is financially stable with just your husbands income, then you should grab hold of the opportunity to try something new. if you've always wanted to get into fashion design, then go for it. take some classes. you never know you might just end up with an entirely new career! and it be something you love to do! how many of us can say we really love our work? lol