Why does men always the first one to commit adultery in a marriage.

February 16, 2007 4:47am CST
Marriage- ceremony of binding two persons inlove and to live together. But why do we have DIVORCE and LEGAL SEPARATION? There's a lot of cases wherein a marriage doesnt last longer than expected specially when it involves third party. I've just notice in this cases that the man is always the first one to have a third party? Why ? Is that really things should be? Does it add to their masculinity (hehehe is there such a word ) ? Men? Care to explain ?
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16 Feb 07
I don't believe that it is always the man who commits adultery first. Maybe they are just worse at hiding it, and get found out more easily!
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16 Feb 07
Are you saying that women are better in hiding things??? But I found that very difficult with all the responsibilities that women lies in their shoulder- sure they will have hard time to hide this thing.