@shekharj (296)
February 16, 2007 5:14am CST
which one is better operating system? WINDOWS OR LINUX? I Like Linux!
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@arnboy (357)
• India
16 Feb 07
Linux is a better OS, when compared to windows because firstly, with respect to the cost of the software, a genuine Microsoft OS (xp) and antivirus software can easily burn a $120 hole in your pocket. Whereas, Linux is free and you get a linux DVD with computer magazines for as low as $2. Also, with Linux you do not have to worry about virus, spyware, malware etc., there is a powerful firewall, plenty of software's for personal use and Openoffice software package (equivalent to MS office), plenty of games (unlike windows), pre loaded Opera, Firefox browser's. Also, the hardware detection is better than Windows. All these superb features make Linux the best OS, so get your copy of Linux fast!.
20 Feb 07
i think windows is good for all and linux dur to its compexity is suitable only for experts.