Sad days, lonely days, I think I need something comfort!

February 16, 2007 6:10am CST
In china ,a few days after, It will be a festival which call spring festival ,It is something like Christmas day in europe. It is the day of reunion ,so I should go to the countryside to see my parents,as a result ,I must leave my grilfriend alone ,and leave my dog alone. It is so sad to do this! I love them.I need them
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• Ireland
27 Feb 07
I used to find Christmas time to be very lonely when I couldn't see my friends. I know it is traditional to spend it with ones family, but I would have like to see my friends for even an hour. We didn't have a phone, so I was unable to speak to them. Now, my grandchildren complain of not being able to see their friends at Christmas, but at least they get to speak to them on the phone. Hope you had an enjoyable time with your family.