a very interesting movie

February 16, 2007 7:50am CST
its a very cute movie for teenagers.. hehe.. i love this movie.. especially when the bad guy turns into a good guy for a girl.. and when cameron learn french for the only girl she loves.. hehe
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18 Mar 07
This is one of my favorite films. I remember I was meant to finish work at 9pm then meet my friend at the cinema to watch Men in Black (I think) She called me just before I finished work to say she wasnt well and wouldnt be able to make it. I didnt feel like going home so I went to the cinema by myself and choose to watch this film - I had never heard of it before. I absolutely loved it. I had never been to the cinema by myself before and probably never will again but felt so good about the fact that I had. I think it is a real feel good film and was just what I needed that night.
8 Mar 07
this is a great movie i have it on video a watch it every now and then it really cheers me up
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• Philippines
16 Feb 07
10 Things I Hate about You. That's the title of the movie right. I saw it and I can't really remember the title of it then I saw your link. I love the part when the English guy sang in the stadium. That was so hilarious and sweet at the same time. I like the movie because the love story is a bit soft. I really hate love stories that are too deep.