Brock Lesnar

United States
February 16, 2007 8:14am CST
Brock was a great force in the WWE but then he just up and left. Anyone know what the story is on this? Any chance of him coming back?
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• Netherlands
17 Feb 07
Brock is the best and I thougt he left because he wanted to do tryouts for NFL but he didn't make the team, and there isn't any chances that he's coming back because WWE and Lensar aren't on really good terms with each other
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• Pakistan
16 Feb 07
weel WWE tried to negotiate with him but the results were never leaked out and nobody knows.i guess there is very less chance of him coming back
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@hani123 (58)
• Pakistan
20 Feb 07
the brock lesner was a great wrestler of the wwe actualy he had a big cut on his back during a match i didn't see the match but see that scene his body was cut form his back and i can't say when he come back
• Indonesia
17 Feb 07
i think broklesnar not a big wwe payer.i think hulk hogan is the best
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• India
21 Feb 07
Brock lessner is the good player in wwe.all the people are saying that he left wwe for NHL. but i never seen him in that. ithink he will come soon in the rings and entertain us once again. wiil hope for that only.
@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
19 Feb 07
Brock Lesnar left wrestling to play in the NFL. The last time I heard he was playing with the Vikings I believe but then he got let go because he was not very good and not productive enough. I have a feeling we will probably see him back in the ring at some point but do not know when or which wrestling show he may appear on.