lower back pains and pinch nerve.

February 16, 2007 8:58am CST
Last December 2006 I had a lower back pains, on my waist lines going at the back of my right leg. I feel so numb on that area and it's really hard for me to stand from sitting. It's very painful specially in joint between the right side of my lower buttock and thigh. IT7s hard for me to sit for a very long time because of too much pain. I was not able to visit a doctor because I was too busy with my night job and when I'm home I'm busy with my family and the house chores and I need to update my website everyday. january when I decided to stop working for the meantime I'm busy with website and taking time with my family and of course my house course. So I have a time now for check ups. The doctor can't still say if it's hernia, I took x-ray and blood test everything, and I have a weekly injection at my back 3 right and 3 left. I hate injections and I feel so nervous everytime I see needle. Last year I took diet and I loose 9 kilos from my 70 kilos so I am now 61 kilos but still need to lose at least another 6 kilos. Can anyone give a good advice how to treat and cope the pains thru herbal or natural medicines? Thanks for your time reading my post:)
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@Bee1955 (3885)
• United States
16 Feb 07
It sounds like a pinched sciatic nerve. You may have a herniated spinal disc pressing on it in your lower lumbar region. X-rays cant see it, you need a MRI. You have the same symptons my aunt described to me (I'm an RN) I recommended she go to a spine specialist and have it confirmed. Ask your unsure doctor to refer you to one. You need to get that disc reset before you hurt other nerves.
• Japan
17 Feb 07
Thanks to your reply Bee1955 :) I guess you're right. I told my doctor about that. sciatic nerve I just forgot yesterday about the term but that is what I really feel. I asked my doctor if it can its treatable he said yes, I'm just waiting for him to tell me to go and get an MRI exam but no words from him. Maybe he is trying to treat me through his medications. But maybe I'll go find another doctor then. :(