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@miryam (6507)
February 16, 2007 8:59am CST
What do you drink during the meals???? I'm red wine of lunch and only natural water at dinner. A few beer whith pizza.
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• India
19 Feb 07
I like having lime juice and orange juice with my meals..Most of the time it will be lime juice only...Coconut water also i have it thrice a week..which is very good for health and keeps our body cool:)
@miryam (6507)
• Italy
23 Jul 07
• India
10 Jan 08
They would have to control the rate of melt so that it would not melt faster than they could use it. But the best way to make sure that there is plenty of usable water is to not waste it. I am going to be setting up a fish room with lots of water in the tanks but I will filter the water and reuse it instead of jut discharging it down the drain. Every once in awhile the city turns off our water so we already have some stored. So many bad things are happening anyway where you can't drink the water because of flooding or hurricanes or tornadoes. Will the earth run out of water? I don't think so but it does say in the Bible that it will be one of the last plagues where the water turns to blood.
@brendakaya (2335)
• United States
29 Jul 07
My favorite drink is iced tea, but I don't always have it with my meals. Sometimes, I like certain drinks with certain meals. If I can, I prefer milk with chili. They go good together. I also drink alot of Pepsi, unfortunately. Sometimes, I like flavored water or kool aid.