Having an affair with a married man...

@LeXDei (209)
February 16, 2007 10:20am CST
is something that is very common nowadays. Perhaps, the reason for this is the fact that the population of women is greater than that of men. I hear a lot of stories about single ladies go with a men with the knowledge that these men are already attached. The amazing part is-- men do not even have to remove their wedding rings. Do you think you can fall for a married man?
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16 Feb 07
The only married man I'll ever be with is my husband. These women get caught up in the taboo-ness of the relationship and like the danger and secretness of it...at first. Then they get the idea into their head (either by the man or by themselves) that he loves them and will leave his wife for her. Its never a good situation - especially when children are involved.
16 Feb 07
I think potentially anyone could fall for anyone else. However if I knew the guy was married I wouldn't pursue the relationship as it is so unfair on his family. I'm not sure that this is happening more frequently these days, I wonder if it isn't just the case that we talk about it more.