Do you compare prices before you buy something ?

February 16, 2007 10:30am CST
I always do since almost ALL stores have a "Lowest Price" policy. So I take advantage out of it. Let me explain : I recently purchased a laptop. FutureShop was selling it for $699 Staples was selling it for $799 I went to Staples and told them FutureShop was selling the same laptop for $100 less. After they verified, they agree to sell me the laptop at $699 + 10% of the difference according to their Lowest Price policy. Result : I got the laptop for $689 ! Many of you could say : $10... that's nothing... I would answer them : $10 less for them is $10 more for me. Then, with the $10, I bought a mouse for my laptop. Conclusion: I got a laptop + a mouse for the price of a laptop only. Not bad huh ? Do you have similar situations where you saved money this way ?
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• Italy
16 Feb 07
I always compare prices before to buy something. I often buy on line so i can compare prices
16 Feb 07
I always shop around before I make a final purchase. I had the same situation when buying my laptop. I found the one I wanted for £700, but after shopping around a bit, found one with a better spec, for £600. I always check prices online before going into the shops too.