What's the definition of Love According to you?

February 16, 2007 1:38pm CST
Love is a feeling. A feeling that cannot really be put into words. It is sensational, thrilling and it has no boundaries. Love is in now way connected to one having Se*ual Relationship. There are other forms of love that are much more beautiful. No one can survive in this world without love. Love in form of your Parents' when you are young. Their love is Unconditional. Love in the form of your friends and cousins. Love in the form of your life Partner. On every step of our lives we require love. A person without love is alive but dead. Sometimes people confuse "love" with "lust". Love cannot be compared to lust. Lust is temporary while love is Permanent and everlasting. You cannot love one person this instant and another the very other instant. Love is the sweetes thing in the world for me and the best thing that can happen to us. What is Love for you. Does it hold any importance in your life? ..
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