how do u vies Science, as a master or a servant ?????? (in todays scenario)

February 16, 2007 4:20pm CST
when i was in my schools, i wrote a lot of essays on this topic saying science has both the faces the good and the bad, but i concluded saying that it shud be treated as a servant to humanity not its master. But today i feel that it has become the master,,,, and i cant even my imagine life for a few hours widout all these wonders of science. but still i feel these are services but the technology developing so fast is also used for human destruction,,,,,,, that is something where Science is mastering. wat do u think ???
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@cerium (691)
16 Feb 07
I agree. Every day that passes, science becomes one step closer of being the master. But it's because of us. As you said, technology is developing very fast, and it is as if we are running behind it. Unfortunately, we can't see except the good side of it, and that's because of our ignorance. We didn't even care about the negative effects that technological advancement did to the nature around us to the level that it may cause our destruction. Even if you think about all these gadgets and devices around us. They are serving us, but still, they are affecting us in a very bad way. Now we are more lazy and less social (even if we didn't realize that). Technological advancement is very important, but we must avoid it's side effects. We must strike a balance between it and nature. We must use it in what benefit us and avoid what can cause us harm (like weapons). We must not be so short sighted.