Anyone else have an ING Savings Account?

United States
February 16, 2007 7:30pm CST
It has a 4.50% rate which is better then most banks. I just opened mine and started with $15 but it's better then nothing!
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3 Jan 13
I don't yet but am planning on opening one pretty soon! I really wish I had known a few years ago about ING's savings account and that there's no minimum deposit to open it up. I can guarantee you I would have had one for several years now lol. And no doubt about that, $15 is better than nothing (and six years later, it's probably a lot more than that now!).
@angelface23 (2498)
• United States
7 Jun 07
I just opened a Citibank Savings account. i think it has the same rate. I have $20 in there so far but I am going to take $20 out of mine and my husband's check every week until it starts to earn more and then after l ike 4 months if it has earned enough I will transfer to a 6 month certificate of deposit.
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1 Apr 07
I heard that if you get a referral from a member to open a new account they will give each of your accounts a $25. bonus. Maybe as a member you could make a little extra money doing this. Let me know, I have some money to start an account. Thanks.
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28 Feb 07
ING is great and the rate seems to go up rather frequently. however, I have noticed that Emigrant Direct is offering the same account with a higher interest rate. Has anyone used them before? I just wonder how they compare to ING? Does anyone know if you can get access to the Emigrant account via and Emigrant atm?
@snapthat (95)
• United States
17 Feb 07
$15 definitely is better than nothing! I was considering joining up a couple years ago, but my parents didn't really trust an "internet savings" type of thing. Now, I'm regretting it because my bank is giving my like half-a-percent APR, but hey, whatever.