How are you judged to have good discussions on myLot.

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February 16, 2007 7:48pm CST
Most of my posts here are to learn the ropes of myLot. I just accidently 'bumped' into this site yesterday and now I am hoping to earn some extra money. 1. How are you judged on good discussions? What makes a topic popular? 2. Do many people know about myLot? I have never heard of anyone around here talking about it. 3. I STILL can't figure out how to refer people.
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• United States
17 Feb 07
I am not exactly sure what makes a discussion popular, since I only get may be one answer to my discussions I post. I think as long as you make your discussions longer than one line, and it will generate more than one word responses you should be fine. Also it helps to find friends that will respond to your discussions from time to time. Your referral link is toward the bottom, you send the link to friends/family whoever you wish, post it around forums, but make sure you have permission first. Tell about the site, but I think one should wait to send referrals until they receive their first payout so you can have that as proof and you will be able to build a better referral base that way. I think Mylot is growing rather quickly just in the time I have been here 10,000+ people have joined, so no telling how many more will join just this month alone. I wish you the best of luck on Mylot. Happy Earning.