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February 16, 2007 10:54pm CST
Okay, this is just something me and my friends were talking about today. What if people saw colors differently, but still called them the same thing because of the way that they had been raised their entire lives, calling that color a certain name. For example, say that i saw something red, and called it red. In your eyes, it looks like what I see as blue, but because of the way you were raised, you call it red. Everyone calls that color red, even though it looks different to all of us. Well, that is just an idea that i had, and you could never know for sure, since there would be no way to tell. What do you guys think?
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21 Feb 07
Your question is an interesting one. I imagine it would make the world a more confusing place than it already is. Your question reminded of The Little Mermaid where the crazy bird told Ariel a fork was a comb.
@dickkell (403)
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17 Feb 07
What an AWESOME question! It shows just how far language affects what we believe. I've wonderred the same thing, and it becomes even more interresting if you apply the discussion to ideas/terms like God, Heaven, peace, love. I think it goes a long way toward proving that we can't KNOW as much as we like to think we can!
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17 Feb 07
Well, wouldn't there be a lot of confusion, because if everyone was taught to think that a certain colour was that colour, and they saw your colour as different than what they were raised to call it, wouldn't that cause a lot of confusion?
@agfarm (930)
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19 Feb 07
That is a most excellent question. do we know that dogs and cats " only " see Black & white ??? Is it because we are afraid to put them on any level of intelligence , that might be even remotely comparable to us ????