@ehomba (15)
February 17, 2007 12:13am CST
If you had a chance to learn a second language, what would it be? Personally, i think i would learn swedish. Seems cool. =)
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@Island_Geko (3760)
• Canada
17 Feb 07
I would love to learn spanish and latin those languages sound so romatic and mysterious
• Germany
8 Apr 07
I had to learn latin at school and it was indeed mysterious to me! lol I was very bad at it and I know very little latin now, because I forgot about most of it (after all, you don't get to TALK in latin very often these days... ;)).
@ReginaGY (63)
• Germany
8 Apr 07
I've already learned a second language... *g* German is my first language, English my second and Dutch is my third one. Unfortunately I don't find the time at the moment to learn more languages, but I would really love to be able to speak french and spanish one day...
• India
17 Feb 07
spanish i love it
@charlina (158)
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
i want to learn dutch!!;-)