it or leave it?

@rx4life (1932)
United States
February 17, 2007 12:46am CST
I love Manhattan and all it has to offer a traveler...beautiful skylines, historical images, iconic buildings, a rush of sounds, smells, smiles ,street vendors,classic shopping, elegant restaurants and funky eateries. It has upscale window dressings and trashy moving raves, Times Square and it's constantly changing's constant motion and emotion..the stories of the buildings and the stories of the thousands of bustling people rushing to make a living and living to feel the rush of Wall Street... The sad grey steel fences that surround and seem to protect the site of the once towering World Trade Center.. The reverence that lives in the areas that encompass that site.. It is an amazing place that satisfies all my senses from the need for peace and quiet in the middle of central park on a sunny day in November to the show stopping beauty of a Broadway play to the tastebud popping gourmet delight served up in a fine restaurant. I love the energy buzzing in the air every time you step out on a downtown street...and the heartfelt love New Yorker's have for their city and their vocal presentations of that love. Have you been there? Did you love it like I did? Would you go back? What were your favorite sights or sounds? When I get to visit Manhattan I always feel like I'm going to visit an old friend..and I leave there knowing I'll return again and again and again...and yet so many I speak to say they'd never go back...that they didn't like a thing...I say tell me what you thought..I'd love to hear about the view from someone else's eyes and ears...
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