How does facewash get rid of blackheads/clogged pores?

February 17, 2007 1:06am CST
I bought clean&clear blackhead removing cleanser and it dont work. when i squeeze the blackhead out, its round, vanilla colored, and solid. what i don't get is how any kind of facewash can get that out?
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• Philippines
18 Mar 13
You get those balckhead when you go for dirty places and polluted areas. I suggest you see a dermatologist before priking it because at most cases, it gets irritated. You better leave them because if it gets irritated, it will turn into a scar.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
18 Mar 13
yes i also bought that before,and it wasn't help me to remove my blackheads and clogged pores,it really needs to freak it to remove completely the dirt in the pores of my skin,if course you need to have pimple remover so that it will never irritate your skin.
@shmeedia (1045)
• Canada
17 Feb 07
i'm fed up with all those products too! for me it makes no sense either. the cleanser might soften your skin so the blackheads can come out later (unfortunately by squeezing?). but if you have to use a loofa or other face sponge, this weaars down the top layers of your skin, but the deep-rooted blackheads just stay in the pores. so what happens to me is i have dry flaky red skin, with blackheads underneath!!! it's horrible! the only product i recommend paying money for, isn't an acne-fighter at all, but a moisturizing lotion (there is a soap and astringent too) recommended for acne-rpone skin. it is a french product called "vichy", i'm not sure if it is sold where you live. they have a huge line of products, but the one you should research is called 'anti-imperfection'. what it does is equalize everything, regardless of your skin type or problems. if you have red blemishes, the cream will reduce the discoloration. if you have oily skin, it will dry you up. if you have dry flakes, it will smooth you out :) because your skin has much more evn tone to it, and is relatively healthier, the blackheads will get reduced too, and stretched pores will shrink! i know the product doesn't work for everybody, but it is the only thing i've found that helps, and i have really tried EVERYTHING for many decades, even oral medication. it is a bit expensive, but worth it. and you don't need to use a large amount. the results for me took about a week, if i used it twice a day. and now there is a newer product added to this line which you should put on your face at night. it helps prevent excess sebum (oil secreted after dark), so it's great to wear right before bed. good luck!
• United States
17 Feb 07
they dont work right sometimes takes a few weeks to actually see a difference. and try using an astringent after the can actually feel the astringent cleaning out the pores. what do you use with the cleanser? just your hands, washcloth? you might try getting a facial brush (specially for face, bristles are softer) or use a loofah..they also sell them in smaller (sometimes disc shaped) just for the face. these will help with blackheads etc. they do for me at least.