Do any of you mothers that are paying child support have stay at home ex husband

@lynninky (491)
United States
February 17, 2007 3:07am CST
There seems to be a lot of women who think they should not have to work after a divorce.That because they stoped working to have a family and now find themself out of touch.If they go to work it would be min.wage and they do not want to do that. So are there men out there like this too ?I mean the man has the child and dicide that they want to stay at home with the child. The woman would be supporting that whole household because he is not working a job.What do you think about in a divorce if the man gets the child,and decides he is not going to work at all.Do any of you think he should try to work to make a better living for the child even if he has no skills ? How will anyone get skills if they do not try ? Is this what this world is about these days. If some people have kids they think they do not have to go to school or work because the father in most cases will have to keep them up until the kids reach 18?DO YOU KNOW ANY PEOPLE LIKE THIS ?
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