How to control who your children hang out with?

February 17, 2007 6:51am CST
How to control who your children hang out with? Give some tips for teens.
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• Ireland
17 Feb 07
Unfortunately you cannot "control" who your teens hang around with. But you can talk to them about your values and their thoughts on different things. How they feel when they do certain things with their friends. The main thing is to keep cool and not lecture and scold. I did a parenting course which was the saving of my relationship with my children. They can pretty much tell me anything now and do!!! The hair stands on my head now and again but I dont react. I just ask how they feel about that and then give my opinion and maybe some of the pitfalls that I would see with it. The parenting books that were used on our course were from I think that is it. If not I will amend it when I check it out. there is a certain amount of information on the site. Their books and videos/cds are very good and give one a feel of how best to handle situations. It doesnt happen overnight though and is hard work. I usually find that teens tend to lean towards teens who are like themselves and know how far they can go unless they are really feeling bad about themselves or their relationships with family or friends. Then they tend to get aggressive, seeking attention or looking for help. Hope this helps.
@ladyheart25 (1816)
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
My son is still too young to hang out, only 3 years old now but i got problems raising him since i raise him alone. He is so playful and a bit stubborn since he got no father but i manage to take care and guide him. I just hope it will not be too hard when he grows older.