how to set your goal of life?

February 17, 2007 8:28am CST
I am a Senior in China.Half of year later, i will graduate from the university,and start my career. Recently I am confused,for I have't decide which industry to pursuit,even I don't know what is my goal of life. Indeed, life is a short journey, and we shoul set our goals of live to pursuit when we are still young.Then, how to set our goal of life?
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17 Feb 07
Decide whant you want to do then Write up a personal plan, keep it somewhere safe where you know where it is! Always strive to achieve that bit more every day. Look at your skills! Your tallents and look at the industries where you can use those newly gained qualifications for! There will be something out there that you will find that your qualifications, tallents and skills will fit in! Good luck with what ever you do my friend Lynn-Marie
• China
17 Feb 07
Thanks for Tenerfelynn's useful advice.