Imaginary places

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February 17, 2007 8:32am CST
One of the techniques I've learned along the way is to create a mental spiritual home for yourself. A place that you can go for fun, relaxation or as a starting point for spiritual journeys. One of my old haunts : which I don't visit now, I'm not sure why, is a small clearing in a forest with a very big treehouse. There's a stream pouring through the middle of the clearing and a boulder about waist high next to it, perfect for sitting and thinking. A path stretches from the front, the entrance, a black iron gate, along the water to a brick bridge, over and to another black iron gate which is the entrance/exit to other realms. Does anyone else use this technique? If you feel comfortable, tell us about your "place" if you don't (I don't feel comfortable talking about my current image that I use), share any past places you've moved out from if you'd like. If you're new to this idea, try it and let us know how you feel about it!
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@nowment (1758)
• United States
22 Feb 07
Funny that this should come up, I am not one to think that there are coincidences, I often used this, and I still go to the same place, one which for me now is private, I share with those few but not general topic. I kind of forgotten myself for a while, that I did this, that I do this, and haven't really done this in a long time, but meditation has been on my mind a lot lately I used to be able to slip into a light meditation no matter where I was, but life got busy and I lost perspective a bit. Let the busy get in the way as it were, I have been thinking about and working on doing deeper meditations recently, but some connection was missing. Thanks for the reminder, I think reading this post was that missing connection. For me there is more than one place, one place that is kind of ok here I am lets just relax, chill and separate from the life for moment, it is a great tool for dealing with the stresses of others, and myself. Sometimes this place is a quiet mountain setting, sometimes it is deserted beach. Then there is the other place, the one that can help go on deeper meditations and even begin visions, or connecting to my higher spiritual self in a stronger deeper way, to find answers I need etc. This is my more private place, but I think just going to the "beach" will be a nice start for now. Thanks again. Interesting isn't it how we can touch people's lives so deeply by the simplest thing and not realize that perhaps we were meant to be a messenger or them?
@bethmt (419)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I do quite a bit of journey work and yes I always have a starting point or home for my journey. It's also the place where I return to at the end of the journey. I've heard that it's important for people to do this and is a good way to keep you grounded and focused on what you want to accomplish on the journey. Anyway, my starting point has always been a small cave that looks out onto a rugged, southwest desert type of landscape. It's funny that this isn't particularly my favorite type of landscape but I had a strong feeling right away that this was the "home" that I needed to have for my journey work. Always waiting outside is my spiritual guide which is a horse (a small mustang mare) who accompanies me on my journeys. It's a place that has become very comfortable for me.