Do you do exercise everyday ???

Exercise-The ultimate mantra to keep fit - Exercise-The ultimate mantra to keep fit.Health is wealth and to stay healthy exercise is the mantra to keep us.
@sadanand (191)
February 17, 2007 9:33am CST
Health is wealth. This is an age old proverb we have grown with.In today's routine life of 9-5, how many of us really do it. According to an estimate of World Health Organisation, obesity is increasing in advanced countries at an alarming stage. People tend to forget exercise in the busy schedule of their life. They do not realise the importance of it. Exercise should be an essential part of our routine life. It should be given top priority in keeping us healthy. Do you do exercise everyday???
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@cjkicks (156)
• United States
17 Feb 07
You are so right! All you have to do is go sit in the middle of the mall and count the number of people who are obese walk by. I for one always intend to do some exercising but after getting home from work, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen and getting things ready for the next day, I Am Pooped and excercise is not even close to happening. I have a tread mill with about an inch of dust on it right now. I swear everyday I am going to get on it.