Jason and Sonny Free of the Mob?

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@Liasonfan (1702)
February 17, 2007 10:17am CST
There have been rumors circulating online forever that Jason and Sonny's breaks from The Mob are coming soon. Do you believe them? And if so, what could the reasons be do you think Jason having a child with Elizabeth could be enough for him to sever ties...and whatever would Sonny and Jason both do to earn a living? Can ya just see Jason starting up his bike shop again and Elizabeth baking brownies for customers while they are waiting, lol! Will they age the Liason baby quickly and pair her up with Morgan down the line? Hmmmmm
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17 Feb 07
Morgan is probably three or four now? Their daughter could totally hook up with him when they are teenagers. They have that "coffee" business and the casinos. I can see Jason giving everything back to Sonny. I'm not sure if Sonny will ever be able to get outta the business though. It would be cute to see Jason and Liz running a mom and pop shop like Ruby's.
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21 Feb 07
I don't think Jason ever could give that up, not really. He would try for a while but he's like the main character is "A History of Violence" - it just attracts him and he gets sucked back in.
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