What are the other sites where we can earn, where they really pay

February 17, 2007 11:24am CST
hey people Im new to this mylot. here the earnings is too slow. i hardly come 2 cafe. im trying hard 2 increase my earnings. but till now its $0.22. if this continues then $10.0 will be paid 2 me atleast after 1 year. pls say sum sites where they genuinely pay, like mylot where we can give pix n discuss on topics, and where the earnign rate is faster.
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• India
25 Mar 08
if u came here to earn. forget it. because mylot is too slow earner. just enjoy the talks and hang out. if you are lucky then some extra bucks will get to you.
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@MichaelJay (1100)
26 Mar 08
I put together a site called Ntwork and be Damnd! which can be reached through my profile. It contains details of the best paying sites which are reliable and proven. I hope this helps.
@handa84 (20)
• India
27 Mar 07
m also new hr.....newer dan u, i think....... keep patience n work on d discussions n posts..... here in dis site wat u hv to do is post in d discussions by heart ..not just lyk dat.. u shud try to put urself in place of d prsn, who started d discussion, if it's about askin help....n reply accordingly.. njoy n alll d best
@Shelite (212)
• Canada
17 Feb 07
Hey there. Well first off...you've only responded or created 5 answers/topics. It takes a lot of hard work to gain a dollar in this world and you probably won't do it by not responding to topics by other users. Good luck to you...you really need to respond more though!