ps3 vs xbox 360

February 17, 2007 11:39am CST
everything that makes ps3 better to xbox 360 and vice versa
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@lionel21 (17)
• India
18 Feb 07
I am really dissapointed with the ps3.YJe pre-launch hype was stupendous.However later on most launch titles tunred out to be duds.I did test play resistance,I'd say its just an avg shooter and nothing exceptional.okay now for the comparison Points in favour of the 360 1)360 has a better title available right now games 2)Right now 360 games do look better 3)more and more ps3 exclusives are coming for the 360 4)Great online support 5)One word--GOW 6)Absolutely worth the price Flaws 1)Only a 20 gb hdd,I feel thats a bit low 2)Most titles being released are fps,I really don't like most of them 3)Online is not free(Although the serice is pretty good unlike the ps3) 4)Backward compatible with only a few xbox games Okay now for the ps3 Pros 1)1080 p res.Games will definitely look sweeter if you have high def TV 2)six axis controller is pretty good and works most the time. 3)Is actually backward compatible with most ps2 games 4)Free online play..although the online aspect still needs a little work 5)Has some great franchises..dmc4,mgs and all. 6)Supposedly a great pice of hardware 7)LArger hard drive..but no games! 8)Blu -ray Cons 1)Few games 2)High price for lacklustre games line up 3)xbox 360 games look better right now although the ps3 games should get better over time. 4)setting up the console on your hdtv can be a real pain..personal experience 5)NOt very developer friendly 6)Lost many exclusive titles over to the 360 due to lacklustre sales-sad but true 7)Late launch in big time