prepare for world war 3 !

February 17, 2007 1:14pm CST
i'll just cut to the latest news...... 1) bush sending more troops to be slaughtered by 'friendlies' in iraq and he'll blame it on syrians and iranians. 2) the above false flag operation will see the americans bombing those two nations. 3) those two attack israeli and american forces and more violence in iraq will see the british and australians involved. 4) russia, china come to the aid of the oppressed and all hell breaks loose. 5) china closes the panama canal and venezuela and cuba join in the action. 6) taiwan, south korea and japan forced into action against china and they get whacked instead. north korea joins the fray. 7) india ignores american request for help and controls the indian ocean and seals off the persian gulf instead. ........ .... ... .. . .
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• India
20 Sep 09
a good script for a war movie. why should russia get involved in resucing oppressed nations when they have enough internal troubles. what makes you think syria and iran together can take on israel. israel togethr with americans,british and australians will be too much for the arabs to with stand. what made you think that India will not help americans. these kinds of latest news are of trash value.
• Czech Republic
21 Mar 08
I am preparinf for WW3 =) I bought solar charger, water filter MSR, etc. But I am not still ready for WW3