Healing power of animals

United States
February 17, 2007 1:45pm CST
In September we adopted two kittens that where doomed for a shelter. Both where dilute calicos. One is a charcoal colored girl we named Spooky Luna Bast (Luna B for short) and a boy that's almost a blonde color with lion cub markings named Simba. Now we had chosen them because i had fallen in love with Luna, but when i met Simba, he was the one that won my heart over. Two weeks ago i had my gallbladder removed. I had started having problems back in December. Simba was at my side threw almost everything. Many times when i'd look into his eyes i felt he was trying to comfort me. He often place his paws on mu leg and look up at me with what almost looked like pity. After surgery, he wouldn't come near my tummy, but would sleep at my feet or on the ledge of the couch near me. It wasn't until this week that he reclaimed his spot on my tummy. I know i sound like a crazy cat lady, but has anyone else had a pet that seemed to know something was wrong with them? Simba is the first furry pet to do this with me. The first was a betta fish i was very attached too. Share your experiences! I'm curiouse to see if i'm the only one or not.
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@weemam (13377)
19 Feb 07
We had a rough collie years ago , we rescued him to from a man who ill treated him , It took about a year for him to fully trust us , he knew(Shep) what I was thinking , If I were worried about anything he used to put his paw on me and look at me as if to say , I'm here I will look after you , People would think I was mad when I told them this , But it is really true xx