Veoh putting ads in front of its video clips, and actually it's OK

Chinami of Berryz Koubou - Berryz KJoubou is s sensational all-girls signing and dancing group, past of the excellent Hello! Project singing company in Japan.
United States
February 17, 2007 2:18pm CST, a video site like YouTube only with better resolution on its video replays, is stepping up by placing still ads ahead of clips that you click on to view (at least they're not full commercials). But the only problem (as it is with many Web sites I've been visiting lately, including is that the products are stuff I already have or use regularly. In other words, the marketing gurus are doing their research almost too well. For example, with a clip of the recent Berryz Koubou J-pop concert, a Dr. Pepper ad appears at the start. Hey, I already inhale tons of Dr. Pepper! It's a sound idea, but needs better execution. Also, one minor problem: Will the copyright owners of the videos (they like them played on so they can sell more CDs and DVDs, obviously) object or embrace this new wrinkle? It is cool, though, that Veoh is still keeping the J-pop videos as part of its library. I really like Morning Musume especially, as you can tell by my photos!
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