My cat. .

New Zealand
February 17, 2007 3:59pm CST
Well At the moment i am really sad, i just found out my cat has to be put down heres the reason why: My cat usually comes inside around 7pm, but one night she didn't, i went to the front door and called for her, i didn't hear her, about 1hr later my brother went looking for my cat, he heard her meowing. He went looking for her, she was under a trailer and her front paw was literally torn to bits, he carried her back up into the house. we put her down on a towel and she just sat their meowing heaps. we called the vet and about 45 mins later he came, he took my cat away and called us this morning, telling us shes gonna have to be put down :( And thats the story of my little cat called " Mini "
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@ukchriss (2103)
17 Feb 07
I am so sorry to hear about your cat, What a hard, hard situation to be in, No words which i can say will take away your hurt, but I can say it does get easier We had to put our cat Oliver to sleep about a year ago, He was ill and wasn't going to get any better so we thought it was the best thing to do. I couldn't watch him suffer. We had had him for over 14 years. The process was done by injection and we stayed with Oliver as he passed away peacefully. Of course, it was very hard and sad to leave him at the vets that day. I cryed for hours when we got home. We had him cremated and put into a little urn which now sits beside me on my desk — so in a way he's still with me. Then about 2 months later our local rescue home had an open day which we went to and we saw and fell in love with a couple of little black kittens, Oscar and Jack. We couldn't decide which one to have, In the end we took Jack home but had a phone call to say that they had given us the wrong cat and we had Oscar - so we went back for Jack and now have two lovely young cats.